CHW BUSINESS GROUP was founded in the city of Hong Kong in 2008 and headquartered in Chinese city of Suzhou, with the goal of providing commercial brokerage and facilitating business relations between Asia and the West. CHW has agents with access to the most important centres and metropolis of China.



CHW provides services to companies in size from sole traders to international conglomerates, domestic or foreign enterprises who want to export products from Asia to their domestic markets.

We use experienced personnel and resources in various aspects of logistics for exports, with the objective to speed up operations from China to locations around the world.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service covering all areas of foreign trade without exception, allowing your business to concentrate its requirements related to export in a highly professional structure.


CHW management process is summarised in the following steps: 


  1. Analysis of business projects and inquiries.
  2. Sourcing and selection of suitable manufacturer to reach customer demands and needs.
  3. Sending samples of the client for approval.
  4. Conducting business contract negotiations between CLIENT and CHW BUSINESS GROUP.
  5. Quality control during production process.
  6. Organization of shipping logistics, according to customer demands.
  7. Management of transportation of goods to destination according with customer request.