CHW QUALITY is our business unit that specialises in manufacturing audits and product quality inspections before shipment.

This eliminates many problems by making timely and concise decisions. Through our reports, our clients can have the crucial information on supplier experience and credentials, as well as the state of the products that have been manufactured and are ready for shipment.



Pre-production inspection (PPI)

At the beginning of the production process, a PPI of components, materials, accessories, finished and half-finished products is carried out and is compared to the client’s specifications and/or reference samples, to eliminate any possible problems within the production process in order to verify that the product meets all the specifications before production is initiated.


For (PPI), we verify the following aspects:

  1. Production lines and capacity.
  2. Facilities and factory equipment.
  3. Raw materials, main components and accessories.
  4. Half-finished products.
  5. Sample of finished products.

CHW inspection service allows finding out, at the beginning of the production process, if there is any discrepancy or error with reference to the product that the client required.


Inspection during production (IDP)

Our service guarantees that the quality of the products is maintained during the production phase, and to identify any problems that need correction before the completion of all the product shipment. This type of inspection can be carried out when at least 20 to 30% of the production has been completed, what we do is a visual quality control of half-finished and finished products and we compare it to the client’s specifications and/or reference samples.


For (IDP), we verify the following aspects:

  1. Production state during the manufacture process.
  2. Finished and half-finished products selected randomly.
  3. Production lines and capacity.
  4. Details of the package and packaging material.
  5. Proposal of improvement recommendations for ongoing production.


Pre-boarding Inspection (PBI)

A pre-boarding inspection is basically a final production sampling inspection, carried out when the products are 100% finished, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly select finished product samples for inspection in accordance with an international norm MILSTD-105E (ISO2859-1) as well as the specific client requirements.


For (PBI), we verify the following aspects:

  1. Available quantity.
  2. Style and colour.
  3. Manufacture (general aspect).
  4. Functions and security.
  5. Size specification (if necessary).
  6. Package details.
  7. Packaging labelling.

Our service verifies that the finished products are in compliance with the specifications agreed upon between the supplier and buyer.


Container loading supervision (CLS)

Our service certifies that the containers are in good conditions and that they are fit with security seals after the loading is complete, to reduce the high risk of product substitution. 
When loading, our inspectors arrive at the factories, warehouses or loading sites, to verify product information, amount and packaging; they supervise the whole loading process verifying that the container storage process is r carried out under correct and safe work methodologies.


For (CLS), we mainly verify the following aspects:

  1. We record the weather conditions / time of arrival of the container / container number / truck number. 
  2. We verify the inner and outer state of the container to see if there is damage / humidity / perforations / peculiar odours. 
  3. We verify the amount of loaded merchandize and record the state of the outer packaging (main cardboards / platforms).
  4. We randomly select and open some boxes to verify that the products fulfil the specifications provided by the client.
  5. We supervise all the loading process. 
  6. We seal the container with customs and company seals. 
  7. We register the seal numbers and the time of departure of the container.