CHW BUSINESS GROUP LIMITED has established trusted relationships with a wide range of factories and suppliers to exhibit their products at international fairs such as Guangzhou (Canton) and permanent wholesale market, such as Futian Market in Yiwu city.

Extra values:

  1. We have a group of multi-lingual staff (English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Czech, French), positioned in the most important commercial centres of China, which allows us to have a direct, clear and permanent contact with our customers in America and Europe, as well as access to privileged information and negotiating through CHW China and our suppliers.

  2. Headquarters in China works in parallel with our regional offices and export office in Hong Kong.

  3. Providing a 24-hour attention and staff ready accommodate business proposals, purchase orders, and inquiries regarding their negotiations in North and South America and Europe.

  4. Purchases and sales with established, trusted, and reliable suppliers, eliminating intermediaries in their purchases; providing a lower investment costs and greater value to their products.

  5. Being part of the networking position of our company, which allows extending the possibilities in their negotiations regarding price and quality through the large numbers of suppliers and customers established through CHW.

  6. Complete quality control and inspection throughout the process, from production to the shipment and delivery of goods at your chosen destination.

  7. Service dispatch and delivery of products to the location specified according to customer requirements (Door-to-door). Extra fees for customs services and shipment of containers may apply.

  8. Enable you to have and sustain an important "competitive advantage" through product differentiation, price, and technology.

  9. Allow a significant reduction of inputs and equipment costs through continuous improvement negotiations with suppliers on costs, inventory management, meeting deadlines, improving product quality levels, reclamations, etc.

  10. Establish long-term business relationships through open and transparent communication between CHW and customers.

  11. Maintain a permanent and comprehensive involvement in China.

  12. Enable the real concept of "win-win" between CHW and customers.


These values are reference of our professional conduct:
  1. Privacy: We respect the confidentiality concerning all data transactions with our clients. We protect and respect intellectual property rights.
  2. Integrity: CHW BUSINESS GROUP LIMITED does not provide services that may conflict with the interests of their clients. We provide international trade services from China in accordance with the requirements of our customers. Our reports and opinions honestly reflect our vision of the business.
  3. Independence: CHW exclusively represents the interests of its clients and our inspectors maintain a strictly professional relationship with all suppliers on a strictly in accordance with CHW’s strict internal behaviour conduct.
  4. Respect: We are a multicultural firm and believe in the equality of all individuals.
  5. Social responsibility: We are committed to upholding the rights of all workers who engage in activities for CHW by visiting all vendors and businesses who undertake business activities with CHW. Suppliers that do not respect workers' fundamental rights in accordance with CHW group policy are not used. We are especially intolerant when it comes to the rights of children and safety conditions at work.

Immediate advantages of working with CHW BUSINESS GROUP LIMITED when importing from China:

  1. Eliminate quality problems: functionality, materials, finishing, packaging, etc.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. Avoid complaints and product returns when making purchases at a distance.
  4. Timely delivery of goods and contract compliance for suppliers.
  5. Protecting our client's reputation as a manufacturer and its associated brands.
  6. Exclusivity and confidentiality throughout the buying process and after.

There are several parties involved in the international trading relationships: supplier, exporter, broker, forwarder, shipping companies, insurance company, banks, etc. CHW BUSINESS GROUP LIMITED provides all the services of export transactions from China in one simple single step. One-step solution for all business inquiries with professional and individual approach.